Ruth A. Potee, MD

“Our chapter of healthcare security leaders would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ruth Potee as the best possible key note speaker for the difficult subject of understanding addiction. Her presentation had a profound impact on us… A+ content for any professionals who encounter people struggling with substance use disorder and alcoholism, and A+++ delivery of the message!”

/ brendan riley, Manager of Security and Emergency Management, lowell general hospital /


“The feedback from both parents and students who attended Dr. Potee's presentation was uniformly positive. Many people cited Ruth's ability to talk in detail about the entire landscape from prevention and intervention, through to treatment and recovery. Ruth has a warm and engaging style, and explained key concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Several parents were disappointed they had left their teenagers at home.”

/ paul reinhardt, new canaan high school /


“I cannot convey enough how important and effective Dr. Potee's message is. Her approach to the facts and her ability to deliver them in a way that is engaging for parents, students and faculty is what makes this presentation so powerful. Dr. Potee is just amazing and I am so proud to have been a part of bringing her to our school community. I highly recommend every school community take advantage of her knowledge and expose their families to these messages.”

/ Stacey o’neil, Tahanto regional high school parent teacher organization /


"Each year Northshore Educational Consortium sponsors a Behavioral Health conference that is attended by many special education administrators, teachers and counselors from North Shore school districts.  Participants ranked Dr. Potee as one of the best speakers that they have every heard! Not only did they learn a lot about the critically important topic of the adolescent brain and the impact of substance use, but Dr. Potee kept them fully engaged and presented the information in a clear and compelling manner."

/ Fran rosenberg, Executive Director, Northshore Education Consortium /


"As a mother of a middle school student , Dr. Potee presentation for our school system was incredibly informative and necessary. We all felt that the 2 hour presentation seemed like 7 minutes as we devoured every word and informative slide. As parents of children that will be facing decisions and peers in the coming years ahead, Dr. Potee provided us with enough information to help guide our children and make us aware of what is ahead for our kids as they go through these formative years."

/ mother and presentation attendee, town of marblehead / 


"Dr. Potee speaks from the floor and the heart. By that I mean she's not just a practicing physician and medical director talking to you about the physiology of addiction. She's a mom, community member, patient advocate and the kind of friend you want to have when she tells you what you need to hear and know as a parent, family member and caregiver. Expect to be enlightened -- and enjoy it."

/ andrea fox, presentation attendee /


"Outstanding presentation! Absolutely what every parent needs to hear. With Dr. Potee's humor, friendly demeanor and clear, concise delivery - you will be so glad you saw her speak. Powerful messages and so many takeaways. Dr. Potee is a must see for any school district or parent group looking to address substance use prevention! I can't say enough good things. We've had several excellent speakers come to our district and Dr. Potee is at the top of the list."

/ Noel Vigue, Director, Health and Physical Education, Milton HIgh School /


"It takes a special person to be able to reach the hearts and minds of both adults and teenagers in the same audience. How great to hear my young teenage son say, 'I thought I was going to be bored, but I actually learned a lot!'"



"This was an incredibly frank, informative, and compelling presentation.  Dr. Potee's approach is data-driven, and her insights are enlightening, alarming, and ultimately hopeful.  I felt very fortunate to have taken the time to attend.  I only wish that every parent and concerned citizen of the Commonwealth could hear her message."

/ Anthony McManus, presentation attendee /


"Dr. Potee has now presented to both our staff and recently to our high school students. She is passionate about protecting the young brain and is a dynamic speaker. I can't imagine having a better speaker for both adults and students."

/ Kathleen Dupuis, RN, Nurse Leader, SABIS international charter school /


"Dr. Potee is one of the BEST speakers we have EVER brought in to talk with our adult community. Her presentation about the physiology of the teen brain and how it is impacted by substance use was not only accessible but filled with important information critical for parents --- and any adult who cares about the health and well being of youth for that matter --- to hear. Her style was frank and infused with her sharp wit! She covered a substantive amount of information in just one hour's time but the pacing did not feel rushed --- participants were hanging on her every word! Many months later her impact continues to reverberate through our community. Thank you Dr. Potee!"

/ meredith shaw, Coalition & Youth Program Coordinator, tri-town council /


"Dr Potee has presented to our students and community on addiction and the teen brain on more than one occassion. Dr Potee is a gifted presenter and her knowledge and compassion are notable. She continues to be referenced and quoted by students, educators and members of the community. Dr Potee has given us food for thought, a compassionate and intelligent look at addiction as a disease and hope for the future of addiction treatment and prevention."

/ Lynne leblanc, RN, BSN, School Nurse, easton public schools / 


"Dr Potee spoke directly and frankly with our students. She didn't talk at them. She provided information on addiction and marijuana that the students could digest and easily understand. Her words will have a lasting impact in our community."

/  Andrea Egmont, Director of Youth Services, newburyport /


"Your presentation continues to be the talk of our district in regards to Opiate Awareness.  In fact, viewing your presentation has become part of our re-entry policy for students referred for drug abuse."

/  Health Director, local public school system /


"Best presentation at Grand Rounds yet!"

/  Grand Rounds Attendee /


"I am consistently impressed with Dr. Potee and greatly appreciate her message."

/  Conference Attendee /


"I intend to prescribe buprenorphine for pain and have a broader recommendation for Narcan."

/  Grand rounds attendee  /