Ruth A. Potee, MD



Dr. Potee's talks are often recorded and posted to YouTube. While they cannot capture the interactive elements of a Dr. Potee presentation, these videos can provide an introduction to her content and style, and a sampling are included below.  


This talk on drugs and addiction is for middle school students and parents from a presentation at O'Maley Innovation Middle School in Gloucester, MA. Video credit: 1623 Studios.

Dr Ruth Potee makes a strong case for treating addiction as a disease comparing physical, mental, and addiction illnesses and looking closely at common care techniques given to each in this presentation given to the Franklin County Opiate Task Force on 5/26/15.
Uploaded by Opioid Task Force on 2016-02-25.

Dr. Potee's Physiology of Addiction Talk


In Athletes, Opioids & Addiction, Dr. Ruth Potee guides athletes, parents and coaches on how to treat sports injuries while reducing or eliminating the use of opioid-based pain relievers. 

Uploaded by Sandwich Community Television/Media/WSDH 91.5 FM on 2016-06-02.
Uploaded by Northampton Community Television on 2016-03-31.
Stephen Nelson speaks on the the effect of Stigma and Dr. Ruth Potee speaks on The Adolescent Brain & The Physiology of Addiction